Huntsville Walker County Crime Stoppers Could Use a Hand
Do You Know The Huntsville Walker County Crime Stoppers?
  • A non-profit organization formed by dedicated citizens and law enforcement
  • Funded by private donations and fundraising
  • NO TAX DOLLARS are involved
  • All-Volunteer Organization
Our Goal: The reduction of crime and the arrest and conviction of criminals and fugitives in Huntsville and Walker County.

Our community is growing, and with that, our organization is committed to keeping the public aware that we have an active organization and giving tipsters a fast and easy way to keep Huntsville safer.
Please support the organization by becoming a Friend of the Organization and displaying a sign with contact information and a QR Code for quick reporting of crimes.
Please consider supporting this organization with your Donation and Sign Display for $50 or more.
_____ $50 Friend of Huntsville Walker County Crime Stoppers
_____ $100 Stamp Out Crime
_____ $250 Book ‘em
_____ Other Amount
_____ Please contact me about becoming more involved with the Huntsville Walker County Crime Stoppers Organization.
Contact Information for Sign: Name: ___________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________
Deliver to: ________________________________________________________________________
All Check Payable to:
Huntsville Walker County Crime Stoppers
PO Box 366
Huntsville, TX 77342
Huntsville-Walker County Crime Stoppers receive funds when local judges require offenders to pay a fee - typically $50 for felonies, $25 for misdemeanors - to our organization as a condition of probation. Such revenue is used for reward payments to tipsters leading to the conviction of a criminal. Law enforcement personnel are paid by the City or the County and act as liaisons to our organization.